Note this web site contains pictures of models and people enjoying and displaying the fetish lifestyle.  Agree to all of the following before entering.

  • I am of legal age to view this material
  • It is legal in my country, state and locale to view art that contains fetish nudes.
  • While the lifestyle may not be for everyone, I am confortable viewing this material


  • Question - Who will do the rope work?
  • Answer - I generally do, but you may also bring your own person.

  • Question - Will photos from my shoot end up on your website?
  • Answer - Only with your permission will photos end up on this website.

  • Question - Which part of Austin are you located?
  • Answer - The studio is located just off 183 and West of I35.

  • Question - How do I get started in the Austin fetish community?
  • Answer - This limk is a great place to get started for fetish.